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We Built This City On Sausage Rolls - 1703 Words

We built this city†¦ We built this city on sausage rolls†¦. From the iconic Eye of the Tiger to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space, I have an entire repertoire of songs that I’ve completely butchered, including We Built This City. Because of this, I’m basically the Queen of Misheard Song Lyrics, so not only do I sing horribly off-key, but I don’t even sing the right words in the first place. Ever heard of the hot potato song? You know†¦ Hot potatoes hot potatoes, hot potatoes? No? Well that’s because it’s actually called Rock Me Amadeus, which of course nobody bothered to tell me for years†¦ Small miscommunications like this happen all the time, and to everyone. And usually we turn to Twitter or Facebook to post about it, because, let’s face it,†¦show more content†¦Helgagatha. Things get serious, and Jason wants to meet her in person, but their relationship relies a little too heavily on Google translate. Helgagatha, excitedly planning her wedding out, is then victimized by unreliable translations as she becomes convinced Jason is now plotting to murder her family. Still a better love story than Twilight. Besides in relationships, there is another place where communication is key†¦ Not in DJ Khaled’s keys to success, but instead in the workplace. When salespeople and customers cannot communicate with each other, it leads to frustration on both sides. For example, I’ll give you a hypothetical situation here. Let’s just say I’ve had a really rough day because I lost my longest snap streak, and my teacher wouldn’t round my 75 to a 90, and when I got home and flipped the tv on those Humane Society ads started playing, you know, the ones with all those adorably sad animals with â€Å"In the arms of the angel..† playing in the background. So after having this sort of a day, I turn to my favorite comfort food, authentic Mexican street tacos. Let me point out here that although I do love the study of linguistics, my Spanish abilities are limited to Hola, Gracias, and Taco. So let’s say this time around, I decide to go try the new taco truck in town. Since the couple who owns this taco truck is so new to the UnitedShow MoreRelatedA Tour through San Francisco1278 Words   |  5 PagesSan Franc isco beats like a heart with too much blood. The city on the bay provides homes and shelter to the free-thinkers of America. If you are looking to expand your consciousness you should travel there and consider making it your home. The city is full of life and death with its inhabitants high and low. Look around and see faces born in wombs from around the world and see the same light in each one of their eyes. The mighty bridge that connects land with land and people to people stands toughRead More Descriptive Essay - Our Mountain Cabin1358 Words   |  6 Pagesof the noise and excessive shaking. As we slowly climbed the mountain road to reach our lovely cabin, it seemed almost impossible to reach the top, but every time we reached it safely. The rocks and deep potholes shook the truck and the people in it, like a paint mixer. Every window in the truck was rolled down so we could have some leverage to hold on and not loose our grip we needed so greatly. The fresh clean mountain air entered the truck; it smelt as if we were lost: nowhere close to home. ItRead MoreProject Cost Assignment6235 Words   |  25 Pages Introduction The University of Perth has a strong commitment to project management education and seeks to extend this education commitment to the city of Geraldton. The University wants to provide the community of Geraldton with project management knowledge by holding a 3-day conference with representation from the international project management community. This conference will enhance the University’s relationship with the Geraldton community and will showcase their commitment to educationRead MoreFood Truck5835 Words   |  24 Pagesa Food Truck Business is Legal in Your Neighborhood. This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many places don’t allow food trucks or put a cap on the number of food truck permits allowed at any given time. Case in point – both Los Angeles and New York City are two of the busiest areas for food truck businesses and both have caps on the number of permits allowed. 2. Find out Where You Can do Business. Assuming your city or town allows food truck businesses, next you need toRead MoreValue Chain in Dominos Pizza5624 Words   |  23 Pagesstore. |    |    | 1990s1990 * Dominos Pizza signs its 1,000th franchise.1992 * Dominos rolls out bread sticks, the companys first national nonpizza menu item.1993 * Thin Crust pizza is rolled out nationwide. * The company discontinues the 30-minute guarantee and re-emphasizes the Total Satisfaction Guarantee: If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your Dominos Pizza dining experience, we will remake your pizza or refund your money.1994 * Buffalo Wings are rolled out in all U.SRead MoreThe Wedding - Original Writing5028 Words   |  21 PagesTHE WEDDING preparations went forward for wedding and, almost before she knew it, she was clad in wedding dress built a nice dogwood arbor and Sarah made a special wedding shirt for Caleb Sarah and Caleb gathered under the white tent and took the vows to face a house packed full with guests. Afterward she remembered, as from a dream, the hundreds of candles flaring on the walls, I ve never been so happy, he murmured. THE WEDDING NIGHT but then as the warmth of her body, its whole length pressedRead MoreThe Walt Disney Company and Disney Management25371 Words   |  102 PagesWorld of BONJOUR, MICKEY! In April 1992, EuroDisney SCA opened its doors to European visitors. Located by the river Marne some 20 miles east of Paris, it was designed to be the biggest and most lavish theme park that Walt Disney Company (Disney) had built to date—bigger than Disneyland in Anaheim, California; Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida; and Tokyo Disneyland in Japan. Much to Disney management’s surprise, Europeans failed to â€Å"go goofy† over Mickey, unlike their Japanese counterparts. Between 1990Read MoreWoolworths Report6530 Words   |  27 Pagesstates the company’s material environment impacts, setting targets and commitments for improvement. 3. Woolworth’s and its Competitors Woolworth’s has converted itself into Australia’s best retailer in not more than ten years. It can be said that this is due to its implementation of the low-pricing approach it has got from Wal-mart, and also using some of the ideas from US-based Tesco. Woolworth’s highly successful fuel retailing strategy was taken from Tesco, which has been the most significantRead MoreInfluence of Immigration on the American Culture and Language14362 Words   |  58 PagesUnited States has attracted immigrants from around the world. Since its early days, the country has admitted more than 50 million newcomers, a larger number of immigrants than any country in history. For over two centuries, people have flocked under this nations protective wings as opportunists, sojourners, missionaries, refugees, and even illegal aliens. With the Statue of Liberty greeting Europeans entering Ellis Island, and The Golden Gate Bridge greeting Chinese and other Asians in San FranciscoRead Mor eUnited Arab of Emirates Country Notebook18844 Words   |  76 PagesBahrain, Qatar, Iran. The UAE covers 32,278 square miles (83,600 square kilometers). The Seven Emirates vary greatly in size. Abu Dhabi represents 85% of the land, and the smallest Emirate is Ajman. Each Emirate is named after its capital city, and Abu Dhabi city is the permanent capital of the nation. B- Climate The UAE generally has a dry climate with very high temperature and humidity in the summer. The hottest months are July and August when average maximum temperatures reach above 40  Ã‚ °C on

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Diversity And Diversity Within Your Company - 1398 Words

The purpose of this paper is designed to introduce, educate, and promote diversity within your company. Your company will be shown the merits of diversity and how diversity within your organization can be a benefit. This paper will be broken down into three main areas: Benefits of Diversity, Challenges of Diversity, and Recommendations for an effective diversity within your organization.. Before we move on it is important to take the time and think what diversity means to your organization. How does your company define diversity? A simple definition of diversity is that every individual is unique, and has differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, mental abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, personality, cognitive style, or other ideologies. Your organization’s success and competitiveness may depend upon its ability to embrace diversity and realize the benefi ts. If your company actively assesses the handling of diversity, and develops and implements diversity plans, your organization will reap the benefits. Benefits of diversity can range from small to enormous, depending on how your organization plans, implements and manages diversity. Your company may increase its adaptability with your organizations diverse workforce supplying a greater variety of solutions to problems such as service, sourcing, and resources allocation. A diverse workforceShow MoreRelatedManging Diversity Within The Workforce1198 Words   |  5 Pages MANGING DIVERSITY IN THE WORKFORCE Management 5000 LaTonya S. Warren Webster University Diversity encompasses acceptance and respect.  This means understanding that every individual is unique,  and noticing their individual uniqueness.   This can be different race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs,  political beliefs, or other ideologies and exploring these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environmentRead MoreHobby Lobby : Business, History, Culture, Locations, And Demographics1207 Words   |  5 Pagesstores in 47 states. (Why choose hobby lobby, 2017) Their headquarters are located in Oklahoma City and have three overseas offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and China. Hobby Lobby was ranked #147 on Forbes’ list of America’s Largest privately owned companies. (Forbes, 2016) Demographics and Culture Beginning with just a $600 loan, Hobby Lobby has been a thriving business in accommodating to consumer’s wants and needs in this particular industry. Hobby Lobby’s demographics primarily consist of womenRead MoreWorkforce Diversity1590 Words   |  7 Pagesthe 21st century, workforce diversity has become an essential business concern. In the so-called information age, the greatest assets of most companies are now on two feet (or a set of wheels). Undeniably, there is a talent war raging. No company can afford to unnecessarily restrict its ability to attract and retain the very best employees available. Generally speaking, the term â€Å"Workforce Diversity† refers to policies and practices that seek to include people within a workforce who are consideredRead MoreDiversity On The Walgreens Company1683 Words   |  7 PagesDiversity on the Walgreens Company Website The Walgreens Drug Store Company has about 8100 stores in all America, which makes the store very accessible to the public. The Walgreens stores are located deeper in the communities and touch many lives. The company employs about 251,000 workers with more than 70,000 healthcare providers (Walgreens Diversity Inclusion Report, 2014). Diversity in this company is very important due to the widespread in the community and the higher number of workers. EveryoneRead MoreMedtrainer Understanding and Working with Diversity Training1010 Words   |  4 PagesWelcome to Medtrainer Understanding and Working with Diversity training – Chapter One. In this Chapter, we will discuss how embracing diversity benefits individuals and the organization. The word diversity is often interpreted as be different or unusual. Diversity is often categorized by race, origin, religion, gender, and political preferences which are often distorted by prejudices. We will look at diversity as a strength, the collective talents of many, and the strength of embracing individualRead MoreDiversity Promotes A Higher Potential Of Success For A Company Essay1543 Words   |  7 PagesAlbert Einstein once said, â€Å"We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.† In other words, we need different ideas to come to an optimal solution. Diversity encompasses a variety of differences between people in this world. Each individual is classified to be different from one another whether it is from age, gender, race, personality, education, background, experiences, and more. Varying viewpoints provides a team with a larger pool of ideas to work withRead MoreEssay Workplace Diversity1577 Words   |  7 PagesDiversity is the uniqueness which every employee brings to the workplace in an organization or establishment. Examples of differences include nationality, belief, disabilities, physical appearance, race, gender, age, educational background, sex ual orientation, and work experience, social and family status. At the workplace, valuing diversity means creating a work environment that respects and includes individual variation by maximizing the potential of all employees or in which every employee feelsRead MoreDiversity In Todays Organizations Essay example1136 Words   |  5 Pagesstatus on? A diverse workforce that has been established within business environments are important. Companies that value the ways cultural and workforce diversity contribute to long-term success, innovation and productivity embrace methods that enhance efficiency (Waller,2006 pg.50-52). Diversity has many different meanings. The description of diversity can be classified into categories: human, cultural and systems. Human diversity encompasses the physical difference of individuals, such asRead MoreCultural Diversity : A Core Value At Tccc Essay1375 Words   |  6 Pages4.1 Methodology To reinforce company values by being actively involved and creating strong relationships in the community is a core value at TCCC. To ensure new candidates embody similar values, the company should scout for key traits that support its community-focused corporate culture during the recruitment process. For TCCC, the definition of global diversity should encompass an understanding of the differences between cultures and foster internal diversity. Support from top management andRead MoreEssay on International Expansion1026 Words   |  5 PagesInternational Expansion Many companies today want to expand their business to the international business, which can bring cost down and profits up. Taking a business internationally means knowing the rules and regulations of the countries you are entering. There can be many issues with going global which include cultural barriers, diversity issues, multicultural issues, political issues, and economical issues. It is very important to know how important expansion is to the company and what implications will

The Pearl Characters Pen Portrait Free Essays

Pen Portraits-The Pearl Juana- Juana is a very young lady and she has just had her first child. In the starting of the book, she is very calm and does not speak much. Towards the end of the book she is a lot more aggressive and speaks more than she used to. We will write a custom essay sample on The Pearl Characters Pen Portrait or any similar topic only for you Order Now Her attitude changes and she stays by Kino whatever happens. An example is when Kino has killed a man; she helps him hide the dead body instead of telling anyone of the crime. Steinbeck also writes that when she carries out her way of curing Coyotito by putting the poultice on his sting, she does not have any faith in her technique and thinks that they should go to the doctor. This is the proof that tells us that she has a strong belief in authority. At the end of the book, she becomes very stubborn and this stubbornness leads to her son’s death. When Kino tells Juana that she should hide with Coyotito to stay safe, she says no three times without any hesitation or weakness. This is an example of her stubbornness. If she would have hidden with Coyotito, the consequences could have differed. My opinion of Kino is that she was a very strong character and had a very large roll to play in this book. Her roll was not only protecting Coyotito, but she was also Kino’s largest support. Kino- Kino is a young man who thinks he will achieve everything after he gets the pearl. He has too many ambitions such as sending his son to school, getting married, and having a rifle. He tells his ambitions to all the villagers and the priest becomes even greedier after hearing what he can do with just a Pearl. Although the priest cannot do anything wrong as he is a religious man, the doctor can. He also sets himself some ambitions such as drinking wine in a rich restaurant. But to achieve his ambitions he must have the pearl. He tries to seal it but is not successful. Kino knows that on the way to achieving his ambitions he will have to face evil but he is too greedy and the greed makes him blind. All he can see are his ambitions. His foolishness is also a reason of his son’s death. If he would have sold it for 1500 pesos than his sons death could have been avoided, but as I have written, greed can make a person blind. In my opinion, Kino was trapped by the pearl and he can do nothing to get rescue himself from the pearls invisible trap. It is not every day that a man gets lucky. And when Kino gets lucky, he wants to make too much from the luck and this teaches him a lesson; â€Å"you should always be happy with what you have†. Juan Tomas- Juan Tomas is Kino’s bigger brother and his wife is Apolonia. Juan Tomas warns Kino about the consequences of what the pearl could do. Kino does not listen to his brother and very unfortunate consequences follow. For example, Juan Tomas says ‘there is a devil in this pearl’ but Kino knows this but instead of throwing it away, he keeps it as a hope, he keeps it as his soul. When Kino kills a man in self-defense, Juan Tomas and Apolonia hide Kino’s family. This shows us that Juan Tomas’ nature is very helpful although he knows that he is helping a criminal who could be sent to jail or even executed, he remembers that he is Kino’s brother and should always stay as a support for him and his family From my opinion, He is a very humble man and seems happy with his post in his life; yet, he understands Kino and why he wants to earn too much from the pearl. Juan Tomas, although he has a very short part to play, it is still a very important one. How to cite The Pearl Characters Pen Portrait, Papers

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Remembering The Dead Essay Sample free essay sample

The Sorrow of War is a fresh by North Vietnamese soldier Bao Ninh which narrates the Vietnamese side of the Vietnam War and eventually work stoppages an anti war note in the heads of the readers. This fresh voices the agonies of the Vietnamese side and portrays the dismaying conditions during the struggle. Bao Ninh brings out his ain war experiences through the chief character of the novel. Kein who was the lone subsister of 10 old ages of war. Family life. proper entombment and regard for the dead and retrieving the dead are of import virtuousnesss in Vietnamese lives. The novel begins portraying Kien to be a member of a deliverance squad looking for people â€Å"Missing in Action† in the jungles. The fresh describes the inhuman treatments of war through 10 twelvemonth memories of Kien. The novel besides brings out the uncertainness in war and emphasizes on the loss of individuality and ego regard. We will write a custom essay sample on Remembering The Dead Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page During the war the dead were non decently honored and the ceremonials were non performed. Those disregarded psyches seemed to stalk the â€Å"Jungle of Shouting Souls† . It would be appropriate to cite Ninh. â€Å"Still. it seemed the bare. warped. and lacerate psyches had continued to garner. breathing a malodor that penetrated the imagination† ( Ninh ) . A soldier named Quang was earnestly injured and committed a self-destruction utilizing a grenade. Nine old ages subsequently Kien’s MIA squad heard sounds Quang’s laughter. Kien learnt that the liquors of the wounded were ungratified and so he and his squad built an communion table to honour the dead. The writer through Kien besides remembers and awards another deceased soldier Tung. After the war he makes it a pattern to retrieve the dead and prays in secret before the communion table he and his squad had built. The cardinal subject of â€Å"The Sorrow of War† . memory and honouring the dead besides portions its roots with the article â€Å"Forking Waies: How Shall we Mourn the Dead? † by Thu Huong Nguyen-Vo. This article is centered on retrieving the forgotten. Here Nguyen-Vo declares mourning as a agency to allow the dead live in us and talk in us. She provides assorted agencies of mourning and retrieving the â€Å"once survived† . This recollection helps us to warrant our narratives about the dead and opens the door to our present and future. The Sorrow of War is a powerful anti-war novel which brings about the way to self-fulfillment along with the truth that the psyche yearns for recognition and that war is nonmeaningful and its sorrow is borne by both the sides. Mention: Bao Ninh â€Å"The Sorrow of War† Riverhead Books 1996.

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Oxbow Lakes - Information and Examples

Oxbow Lakes s Rivers flow across wide, river valleys and snake across flat plains, creating curves called meanders. When a river carves itself a new channel, some of these meanders get cut off, thus creating oxbow lakes that remain unconnected but adjacent to their parent river. How Does a River Make a Loop? Interestingly, once a river begins to curve, the stream begins to move more rapidly on the outside of the curve and more slowly on the inside of the curve. This then causes the water to cut and erode the outside of the curve and deposit the sediment on the inside of the curve. As the erosion and deposition continue, the curve becomes larger and more circular. The outer bank of the river where erosion takes place is known as the concave bank.   The name for the bank of the river on the inside of the curve, where sediment deposition takes place, is called the convex bank. Cutting off the Loop Eventually, the loop of the meander reaches a diameter of approximately five times the width of the stream and the river begins to cut the loop off by eroding the neck of the loop. Eventually, the river breaks through at a cutoff and forms a new, more efficient path. Sediment is then deposited on the loop side of the stream, cutting off the loop from the stream entirely. This results in a horseshoe-shaped lake that looks exactly like an abandoned river meander. Such lakes are called oxbow lakes because they look like the bow part of the yoke formerly used with teams of oxen. An Oxbow Lake Is Formed Oxbow lakes are still lakes, generally, no water flows in or out of oxbow lakes. They rely on local rainfall and, over time, can turn into swamps. Often, they ultimately evaporate in just a few years after having been cut off from the main river.   In Australia, oxbow lakes are called billabongs. Other names for oxbow lakes include  horseshoe lake, a loop lake, or cutoff lake.   The Meandering Mississippi River The Mississippi River is an excellent example of a meandering river that curves and winds as it flows across the Midwest United States toward the Gulf of Mexico. Take a look at a Google Map of Eagle Lake on the Mississippi-Louisiana border. It was once part of the Mississippi River and was known as Eagle Bend. Eventually, Eagle Bend became Eagle Lake when the oxbow lake was formed. Notice that the border between the two states used to follow the curve of the meander. Once the oxbow lake was formed, the meander in the state line was no longer needed; however, it remains as it was originally created, only now there is a piece of Louisiana on the east side of the Mississippi River. The length of the Mississippi River is actually shorter now than in the early nineteenth century because the U.S. government created their own cutoffs and oxbow lakes in order to improve navigation along the river. Carter Lake, Iowa Theres an interesting meander and oxbow lake situation for the city of Carter Lake, Iowa. This Google Map shows how the city of Carter Lake was cut off from the rest of Iowa when the channel of the Missouri River formed a new channel during a flood in March 1877, creating Carter Lake. Thus, the city of Carter Lake became the only city in Iowa west of the Missouri River. The case of Carter Lake made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court in the case Nebraska v. Iowa, 143 U.S. 359. The court ruled  in 1892 that while state boundaries along a river should generally follow the natural gradual changes of the river when a river makes an abrupt change, the original border remains.

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6 Brand New Ways to Use One English Worksheet to Nail Down Your Grammar Skills

6 Brand New Ways to Use One English Worksheet to Nail Down Your Grammar Skills 6 Brand New Ways to Use One English Worksheet to Nail Down Your Grammar Skills To be good at English, international students should work hard all the time because before going to an English speaking country, they need to learn the language first. Given this fact, their almost every English studying class passes with the help of worksheets. But what happens with these worksheets after the class? Students throw them away, as they do not see any reason to do the same task again It seems boring for them! But what if you can substitute a heap of worksheets with only one to gain different goals? Learning English as a second language becomes easier if you do it interactively. There are some ways to use an already analyzed card to train different skills and not to be bored with it. Let’s have a look at these interesting and, above all, useful ways to reuse one English worksheet to nail down your grammar skills. 1.  Ã‚   Extend the Sentence Here you use the material from the worksheet, but now your task is to extend sentences making them complex or compound without changing the tense. Completing such a task, you are practicing the particular grammar tense and, moreover, recollecting the material about complex and compound sentences. Thus, there is one more additional benefit of such a task. 2.  Ã‚   Assort Synonyms Once again, you use the same worksheet, but this time you read each sentence and mull over the synonyms to the main verb that could extend the sentence without changing its main idea. Completing this exercise, you are to use your word-stock to assort as many synonyms as possible. To motivate yourself more, do this task as a competition with your friend, who also wants to learn English. After such a contest the winner could be awarded, for example, with a tasty goodie. 3.  Ã‚   Make a Short Story Read every sentence and imagine a situation where this sentence would be suitable. Then, choose the sentence you like the most and tell a story you’d like to develop to your family members or friends. This particular task involves improving some skills: on the one hand, you improve your speaking skills using a fixed grammar tense, on the other hand you develop creativity and imagination that are also very important not only on grammar classes. 4.  Ã‚   Change the Type of the Sentence One more exercise can be devoted to the types of sentences. You have to   know three of them: affirmative, negative and interrogative. You read the written sentence and change it into other types. If the sentence is affirmative, the task is to make it negative and interrogative. If it is negative, you make it affirmative and interrogative. 5.  Ã‚   Change the Voice of the Sentence The voice in the English grammar is a tricky unit that should be practiced for a long time to be understood. You read a sentence, if it is used in active voice, make it passive, if it is in passive, make it active. 6.  Ã‚   Make a Themed Story It is perfect if there is a holiday in your area in the nearest time. But if it isn’t, you may choose any holiday you like. The task is to read all the sentences and unite them into a complex story about your favorite holiday. This task can also be organized as a competition with your friend, or a group mate. If your partner is from another county, you may tell about your national holidays, for example. The funniest story could land a prize. Thus, you can see that you mix up creativity, desire and an analyzed grammar worksheet, it is possible to â€Å"cook† a brand new task. Do not get sloppy! There is no need to peruse the internet or to submerge into the heap of books finding extra exercises to practice any grammar topic. Solution is nearer than you think. Enjoy your English classes! If you need certified writing assistance, we will easily write an English research paper for you, on any topic.

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Rules of Engagement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Rules of Engagement - Essay Example According to the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, ‘In military or police operations, rules of engagement (ROE) determine when, where and how force shall be used.’ The rules of engagement are designed so as to ensure that uncontrolled violence is prevented, civilian casualties are minimized and the conflict does not escalate. However, restrictive rules of engagement undermine the ability of the military or police to resolve a conflict, as, according to many critics of the war, was the case in the US invasion of Vietnam (1959). The US president at the time, Lyndon Johnson, in order to contain the conflict set down strict rules of engagement that hindered the forces from striking or utilizing force in certain areas. This was done in order to thwart the perceived threat of Soviet or Chinese intervention and to gain support at home. President Johnson wanted the conflict to be restricted to South Vietnam, although aerial bombings in North Vietnam were allowed at certain point in the war. He believed the war was a counter-insurgency battle and the rules of engagement thus were justified. The Secretary of Defense, Robert Mcnamara, authored the rules of engagement. He saw the Vietnamese invasion as a ground war and thus saw little use of the US air force. Thus, the rules of engagement he designed restricted the aerial fighting the most. Mcnamara too saw the entire conflict as a counter-insurgency battle and thus tailored the rules of engagement to be such that most military strategies and moves were to be self-defensive. It was not until the Gulf of Tonkin incident in the August of 1964 that U.S. air strikes were allowed to be more aggressive. It is no surprise that the rules of engagement set down by the civilian suits in the government were not very popular with the military strategists. General William Westmoreland was a key architect of the military strategy. In order to avoid further disaster, he forbade any unit smaller then 750 men from